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New life for decades-old blocks cheddar cheese

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New life for decades-old blocks cheddar cheese
Now that cheese will make one crazy grilled cheese sandwich. A little pricey too! Tom
MILWAUKEE -- A recently discovered block of eastern Wisconsin cheddar cheese that dates back to the Nixon presidency will be sold for $10 per ounce.
Edward Zahn, 73, was in Z's Cheese Shoppe's walk-in cooler last month, preparing to shut down his Oconto store. He pushed aside stacks of cheese to reveal several wooden boxes that had been overlooked for years.
Inside were blocks of unintentionally aged cheddar - 28, 34 and 40 years old - that, some experts say, might comprise the oldest collection of cheese ever assembled and sold to the public.
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  1. Thanks for sharing Tom. I don't think I could eat a grilled cheese knowing it that old :-)


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