Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Unapparent Problem, Solved

From: Al M.
Sent: October 20, 2015
To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: Fw: Unapparent Problem, Solved
Is this really a problem? I wonder if the inventor will sell any of these at all? ~Al

Unapparent Problem, Solved: Vladimir Laurent (an insurance executive in Coral Springs, Florida) received his U.S. patent on Sept. 29 and can proceed mass-producing "The Shield" -- his brainstorm to keep men's genitalia from dragging on the inside of toilet bowls while they're seated. Laurent told the South Florida Business Journal that his device was something he "needed, personally" (though he's aware that not all males experience the sensation). The Shield is basically a cup attached to the bowl by suction that allows movement via a ball-and-socket joint.

[South Florida Business Journal, 9-30-2015]
Source www.newsoftheweird.com/

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