Friday, September 27, 2019

Unboxing and Review of Costa Chocman Chocolate Cake

From: Luke B.
Sent: September 27, 2019
To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: Fw: Unboxing and Review of Costa Chocman Chocolate Cake

Hi Den, can you unbox and review my favorite snack food called Chocman Chocolate Cake? I can't get them here in Madison, IN, the last time I had one was when I was visiting my family in San Antonio.


Yes Luke, I found these yummy cakes at our local Global Foods. I'm glad we have one because we've been getting a lot of request to unbox and review foods not typically sold in large grocery chains.

Thanks for sending us a crazy email request, it's because of people like you that we get to share interesting topics and products. See the video below.



Chocman Chocolate Sponge Cake - Pack x 6 Units : Peruvian Spong Cake dipped in chocolate and filled with manjar . In addition to fortified wheat flour contains skim milk, eggs and cocoa powder, among other ingredients. It includes gluten. Manufactured by Molitalia Costa.

Need more information? Ask Google.

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