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Goodie Box GiveAway #1: Home and Kitchen Items

We're giving away fun items we find in our local shops to help promote the My Crazy Email YouTube channel and Website. That's it, we just want you to know about us and hopefully share our channel and website with others. Rules are simple (see below), just enter the contest and hopefully win. Shipping is also free. Good luck! ~Den

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Goodie Box GiveAway: Home and Kitchen Items #1


More information on each item:

1. Pet Hair and Lint Brush

Fine bristles removes lint and hair from clothing, furniture, or your pet's favorite sitting spot
Reusable and easy to clean that will save you money and less environmental waste than traditional lint rollers
Great for on the go and can be kept a home, in the car, or even your purse
Rubber like material ensures both quality and durability
Can be used wet or dry and won't scuff or scratch

$7.00 Value, Yours Free
Amazon Link

2. Farberware 2pk Silicone Sponges for Kitchen, Household Multipurpose Scrubber, Clean Dishes, Pots, Pans, Countertops & More

Farberware 2pk Silicone Sponges for Kitchen, Household Multipurpose Scrubber, Clean Dishes, Pots, Pans, Countertops & More Farberware products are built for quality & long lasting performance. Our new Farberware Cleaning line of products are made with high-quality materials for safe & effective cleaning in your home. Our cleaning products are durable and tough enough to tackle any mess. These products are both Classic & Traditional to fit with any d├ęcor. Farberware cleaning products are manufactured with you in mind. Now you can tackle any mess, worry free. We strive to bring you what you need to get the job done!

$7.97 Value, Yours Free
Amazon Link

3. Evriholder Bed Sheet Grippers, Adjustable Sheet Suspenders Secure Fitted Sheets Into Place, Comes with Four Sheet Straps to Keep Each Corner Secure

Elastic fastening grips secure sheets without damage
Turns flat sheets into fitted sheets
Can be used with blankets, iron board covers, tablecloths, tarps, and more
Use one sheet grip per mattress corner

$9.94 Value, Yours Free
Amazon Link

4. Unger Mini-Blind Duster, 3"

Flexible, microfiber fingers attract and hold dust and dirt build-up from blinds better than a regular duster
The duster fits blinds up to 3 inches deep
Get deep cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals
Reusable, microfiber sleeves are easy to remove and machine-washable

$5.58 Value, Yours Free
Amazon Link

5. Parker & Bailey Stain Remover

Made in the USA
Instant stain Remover removes the toughest stains. Even ink
Safe to use on clothing, carpet, fabric, tablecloths, and other delicate surfaces
Removes: ink, wine, Blood, grass, coffee, grease, baby Formula, food, and more

$8.00 Value, Yours Free
Amazon Link

6. Mr. Bar-B-Q, 4 Spring Loaded Adjustable Table Clamps

Premium spring loaded adjustable table cloth clamps
Never lose your table cloth again
Set of 4
Perfect way to anchor tablecloth against wind, sliding and shifting; dozens of other uses.

$6.95 Value, Yours Free
Amazon Link

7. Weiman Microfiber Cloth for Stainless Steel - Safely Traps and Removes Dirt, Oil and Grime to Protect From Scratches

80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide.
Made in the USA and Imported
Dual sided: Clean the surface with one side & use the reverse side for polishing and buffing.
Soft microfibers that safely trap dirt, oil, and grime to prevent scratches to delicate surfaces.
Use on all stainless steel kitchen appliances countertops sinks range hoods back splashes grills & more
Compliment with Weiman stainless steel aerosols, sprays and wipes

$9.95 Value, Yours Free
Amazon Link

8. Trudeau Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoon set by Trudeau
Made of strong, corrosion resistant plastic
5-Piece set includes 1/4, 1/2, 1 teaspoon and 1/2 and full tablespoon
Imperial and metric measurements
Dishwasher safe

$4.95 Value, Yours Free
Amazon Link

9. Bobino Phone Holder - Fuchsia - Stylish Minimalist Charging Shelf

Bobino PHONE HOLDER hangs between the charger and the outlet. It provides safe support for your mobile phone, and allows winding of long cables.
Choose one of our characteristic colors and you'll always have a safe place to charge or store your phone.
Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 11 cm (3.1" x 4.7" x 4.3") Available in Black, White, Red, Lime, Turquoise, Fuchsia.
From Bobino - Making daily life easier.
This version is designed for today's larger touch screen phones. The surface has an anti-slip pad and we added a folding hinge for the travelers.

$8.95 Value, Yours Free
Amazon Link


The FlexiSnake Jr, with it's patented hook & loop, hair-snagging technology, will remove hair clogs from bathroom sinks, tubs and showers. Most compact - coils into shirt pocket. The Jr is about 25" long, one of the slimmest tools for accessing most types of drains and is reusable. No need for environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

$5.95 Value, Yours Free
Amazon Link

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