Saturday, November 30, 2019

For 18 years a man forgot he had placed a bag of weed up his nose

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Subject: Fw: For 18 years a man forgot he had placed a bag of weed up his nose


Thanks Dan for submitting this crazy article. I find it hard to believe that someone could be so dumb as to not know that there was something stuck up their nose. And they put it there. ~Den

Excerpt: "The man thought he accidentally swallowed the bag when he smuggled it into prison in his right nostril. He hadn't. A man who snuck a bag of cannabis into prison in his nose 18 years ago has finally had the dried-up weed removed from his nasal cavity, according to a new case report published in British Medical Journal Case Reports. It is the “first reported case of a prison-acquired marijuana-based rhinolith,” also known as a nose stone, said a team led by Murray Smith, a physician at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia."


Need more information? Ask Google.

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