Sunday, December 1, 2019

Men chasing a large Iguana along I-95 caught on camera

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Thanks John for submitting this article. I'm not particularly a fan of large lizards bot do think they should be allowed to live. Good article. ~Den

Excerpt: "Why did an iguana cross Interstate 95? Maybe the scaly critter wanted to test how nice South Floridians are. After all, the lizard’s relationship with Florida is complicated. The South Florida resident said she grew worried when she saw the “majestic” creature walking along I-95’s Spanish River exit in Boca Raton on Tuesday morning. Amstalden said she pulled over and tried to rescue the lizard, but it kept running away.“These nice men ... saw a crazy lady on the highway, me, and stopped to see if I was OK,” Amstalden wrote on Facebook. When she told them what she was doing, Amstalden said they agreed to help."


Need more information? Ask Google.

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