Thursday, January 23, 2020

When will earth come to an end?

From: Bob J.
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I've always wondered When will earth come to an end? There are a lot of theories out there, does anyone really know? ~Bob

Thanks Bob for your question. I'm not sure and frankly don't like thinking about it. I'll post your question and see if others will chime in. ~Den

The world will end in 7.5 billion years (give or take a few million.)

By this point the great oceans will be 6.4 billion years vanished, evaporated away due to increased solar luminosity. And life on the planet will already be 3.5 billion years extinct due to runaway greenhouse effects.

This hot, dry, long dead world will meet its ultimate fate from our Sun turned Red Giant. The Sun, which once turned our little planet into a blue and green jewel brimming with life, will grow into Earth's orbital path, destroying it completely. Don't worry too much you will be long gone.


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