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DYK: 10 facts based around Henry Ford

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1. Did you know that Henry Ford bought an area of Brazilian rainforest the size of Connecticut to build 'Fordlandia', the greatest rubber plantation known to man, where alcohol, women and football were banned? It produced almost no rubber, immediately descended into rioting and disease, and was abandoned.
Learn more.

2. Did you know that Clyde Barrow (Bonnie and Clyde) once wrote a letter to Henry Ford, thanking him for the reliability and performance of his V-8 automobiles? On April 13, 1934, Ford Motor Company received this unusual product testimonial. In it notorious bank robber Clyde Barrow extolled the virtues of Ford V-8s as getaway cars. Handwriting analysts have questioned the letter's authenticity, but it is the sort of thing the publicity-seeking Barrow might have written. Learn more.

3. Did you know that Henry ford was once fired from the automaker bearing his name, the Henry Ford Company? The company was later renamed Cadillac and became part of General Motors, a modern competitor to Ford's next business venture, the Ford Motor Company. Learn more.

4. Did you know that Henry Ford used his personal newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, to argue that "the Jew" had caused WWI? He placed these newspapers in every new Model T automobile. Henry Ford's anti-Semitic views echoed the fears and assumptions of many Americans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Anti-Semitism in America saw a change in expression and virulence when increased immigration from Europe brought millions of Jews to the U.S. during Ford's childhood in the latter half of the 19th century. Learn more.

5. Did you know that Electric cars were made and sold before Henry Ford's Model T? An electric car buzzes along the road of a downtown street, with pedestrians and fellow drivers alike stopping to stare at the wealthy owners inside. The car costs roughly 7 times more than a normal Ford, and its reputation and design has helped to fuel long wait lists and pent-up demand. Learn more.

6. Did you know that in 1938 Henry Ford was awarded the “Grand Cross of the German Eagle” by the Nazi regime; Adolf Hitler was largely influenced by Ford’s anti-Semitic writings? From the point of view of anti-Semitism, Hitler could look at Ford as somebody who was, let's call him an age-mate. They were both in the 1920s beginning to write and disseminate information about what they both considered to be this great powerful threat, "the Jew." Learn more.

7. Did you know that Henry Ford's intense hatred of Jazz drove him to pump tons of money into promoting country music, which was then called "old time music" and helped establish country music culture as we know it today? Why did Ford hate jazz music so much? Not only was he fearful of “urban, negro” entertainment, he also blamed the Jews for it. No doubt you’ve heard of Ford’s tome “The International Jew,” the anti-Semitic rants that sometimes get lost in history while we keep buying Mustangs. Learn more.

8. Did you know that Thomas Edison's last breath is held in a vial at the Henry Ford museum in Detroit? Ford grew up on a rural un-electrified farm, and as a young man he followed Edison’s meteoric career as the inventor rose to become a national icon. Edison was Ford’s role model, and as a young man Ford took a job at the Edison Illuminating Company working his way up to chief engineer. Learn more.

9. Did you know that Henry Ford ran for the senate in 1918 when asked by Woodrow Wilson? He was a peace candidate and a strong supporter of the league of nations. Ford was defeated in a close election by the Republican candidate, Truman Newberry, a former United States Secretary of the Navy. Learn more.

10. Did you know that Henry Ford gave his son Edsel $1 million for his 21st birthday, the equivalent of $24,652,400 today? He gave him the amount in gold bullion, which he took him to the bank vault to see it. On December 31, 1918 Edsel was named president of Ford Motor Company at the ripe age of 25. Learn more.

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